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White Fang






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White Fang the Musky Husky is a puppy that slightly resembles a white wolf. Elder Furi owns four of them. Also this is the moshling that bit off Dr Strangeglove's hand very badly. When he did this Dr. Strangeglove went from a science professor to an evil villian.


[hide]*1 Combination


Red Moon Orchid + Red Magic Beans + Any Crazy Daisy


Totally barking and slightly whiffy, Musky Huskies are the tail-chasing, bone-loving tearaways that will do almost anything for a bite to eat. They've even been spotted rummaging through trash cans searching for scraps. Maybe that's why they always look so scruffy – why groom when you can scoff? Take care if you decide to pet one of these greedy mucky pups – it might bite off your delicious looking fingers. Grawl! In fact, one bit Dr. Strangeglove's hand off!


Because they're so hyper, Musky Huskies don't stay put for long. Check a few dumpsters and you might get lucky.


Doggie bags and old bones. De-tangling lotion and getting tin cans stuck on their noses.


  • He almost beat I.G.G.Y. in the Moshling World Cup.
  • A Musky Husky bit Dr Strangeglove's hand off, so he now wears a glove and fears them. In Moshi Mission 7, in Elder Furi's brain, his intel shows a picture of it.
  • White Fang's name came from a novel about a wolfdog named White Fang.
  • His cupcake combination is Chocolate Cake, Blue medium icing, with every topping.
  • In mission 9, there are four Muskies, one in its natural monochrome (black and white) colours, one brown, one blue & one red (arguably looking pink). They may be based off characters in the 1995 film Balto: Anui (White), Balto (Brown), Steele (Blue) & Jenna (Red/Pink).
  • White Fang's colored couterparts are known as Brownie, Blue Fang, Pinky, as well as normal White Fang. Many users, normally roleplayers, make Blue Fang and White Fang boys and close, and Brownie and Pinky sisters and not-so-close.

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